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We design and develop

Bioactive Peptides and Peptidomimetics

for the life sciences and health technologies fields, using the cutting-edge power of

Artificial Intelligence

Arta Peptidion is a story of study, experimentation and research, that stems from a firm commitment to science. We strive to help companies achieve an advantage over their competitors, by providing them with novel, patent-protected molecules. How? By employing a number of individual approaches or a mixture of research approaches, we are always able to find the perfect solution: a suitable peptide to be developed.

The experience we have accrued in years of research allows us to identify and develop molecules that establish new therapeutic classes that bring significant advantages, here and now. Each and every day, we strive to grow with our customers, in the knowledge that we are able to satisfy all their needs with the smartest solutions at the most competitive prices.

artificial intelligence discovers new peptides

A synthetic brain for human needs: using

Artificial Intelligence

to mine novel bioactive peptides

The mining of peptides with high biological activity is a very challenging process, due to its enormous combinatorial diversity: considering natural amino acids alone, a pentapeptide has 3,200,000 unique chemical entities, a hexapeptide 64,000,000, and so on.

Our technological platform, which was entirely developed in-house, uses novel computational models based on machine learning as a solid basis for the identification and generation of active peptides and peptidomimetics with desired biological effects. The robustness and the specificity of our methods assure prompt answers to our clients’ needs.

artificial intelligence discovers new peptides
peptide synthesis

Valuable discovers to satisfy priceless needs:

Therapeutic Peptides

are the true solution for the protection of human health

Therapeutic peptides are recognized as an important class of molecules positioned between small conventional drugs and high-molecular-weight biopharmaceuticals.
Although in past decades peptides were deemed unsuitable, modern formulations and rational peptide drug design have overcome their weaknesses to clearly reveal the advantages of these molecules.

Additionally, today’s consumers are aware of both the undesirable side effects and the environmental impact of conventional drugs, allowing them to appreciate the safety and low toxicity of peptides.
With these matters in mind, Arta Peptidion fosters and drives research projects to discover novel therapeutic peptides and innovative peptidomimetics.

Peptides in Pharmacology

Discover the

Pharmaceutical applications

of our brand-new therapeutic peptides

No other type of biological molecule offers a wider range of application than that of bioactive peptides and peptidomimetics. Indeed, the latter are less susceptible to side effects and less expensive, thus also helping to keep costs down.

We are able to develop molecules that can be used in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and food field and the domains for the pharmaceutical applications of bioactive peptides looks set to increase in the near future

Peptides in Pharmacology
peptides in cosmetic industy

Cosmetic peptides

are leading a beauty revolution thanks to their multi-functional properties

Over the last 20 years, peptides are a rapidly expanding category of cosmeceuticals.

Bioactive peptides are known to have diverse biological roles, most prominently as signaling/regulatory molecules in a broad variety of physiological processes such as defense, immunity, stress, growth, homeostasis and reproduction. These aspects have been used in the field of dermatology and cosmetology to produce short, stable and synthetic peptides for extracellular matrix synthesis, pigmentation, innate immunity and inflammation.

With the cutting-edge power of artificial intelligence, Arta Peptidion is able to provide not only extraordinarily bioactive peptides but also a technology platform capable of being developed and targeted to form-fit specific skin types, colors, ages and conditions


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prediction speed


High-performance computers and powerful machine learning and molecular modeling algorithms significantly reduce false positives / negatives.



Our technological platform guarantees results in just a few months’ work, thereby reducing R&D costs and improving product time-to-market.



We carry out research on specific targets and on-demand, helping our customers to provide an innovative response to recent or unresolved problems, thus creating new markets.



The peptides, peptidomimetics and molecules we deliver to customers are unique, effective and patentable products.

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